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Lensed fibre or lensed fibre assembly available in single mode, PM fibre and multi mode fibre; in conical, wedge, angle and other customer tip shapes with/without AR coating

Various types of  lensed fibres
Double Ni Tube Fibre Assembly    Single Ni Tube Fibre Assembly 


     When communicate with us regarding the lensed fibre, if possible, please provide following information:

  1. Wavelength, type of fibre, single more or multi-mode fibre?  e.g. SFM-28,or PM1300, HI1060, etc.

  2. Type of lens:  conical, wedge/cylindrical lens, or  angled cylindrical lens, etc.

  3. Radius or lens, or far-field angle, or spot size

  4. Stripe length for lensed fibre, dimension of fibre assembly

  5. Total length, connector, AR coating?

  6. Quantity


A bare fibre length Lens type abbreviation:
  • SLF: Symmetrical Lensed (conical lens) Fibre
  • CLF: Cylindrical Lensed Fibre
  • ACLF: Angle Cleaved Lensed Fibre
  • BIC: Biconical Lensed Fibre
  • ABIC: Angled Biconical Lensed Fibre
B metallised length
C bare fibre length
D diameter of the fibre
R radius of the lens
a far-field angle
θ cone angle

1. Lensed Fibre / Metalized Fibre

 Fibre Type
 SM/MM Fibre,  HI1060,  and PM Fibre

 θ  30~33(Std), 52~55(Std)  110~120(Std)
R  7~8m(Std) or customer require 0.5m
 A  0.2~0.4mm(Std), or customer require 0.2mm
 B  Customer require 0.5mm
 C  0 mm(Std), or customer require 0.5mm
 Nickel plating thickness  2~3m(Std) 1~10m(Customer require)
 Gold plating thickness 0.1~0.2m
 Metal coating pull strength > 10N
 Operating temperature  -40 -  +85c
 Soldering temperature  280~300c
 Recommended solder  80%Au/20%Sn
 Fibre coating  Customer require, AR Coating
Connector type Customer require


2. Long-focus Lensed Fibre / Metalized Fibre:
   Smaller spot size     Longer  working distance     High coupling efficiency      High quality Gaussian beam profile

 θ  30 - 33(Std), 52~55(Std)
 110 - 120(Std) or customer require (30 -120) 2
 R  7 - 8m (Std) or customer require1m
 MFD  3.0 0.5μm or > 2.5μm
 Working distance  ≥ 18μm
 Return loss  > 40dB
 0.2-0.4mm (Std), or customer require 0.2mm
 Customer require0.5mm
 0mm(Std), or customer require 0.5mm
 Customer require+0.5m
 Nickel plating thickness
 2 -3m (Std) 1 - 10m(customer require)
 Gold plating thickness
 0.1 - 0.2m
 Metal coating pull strength
 > 10N
 Operating temperature
 -40 - +85C
 Soldering temperature
 280 - 300C
 Recommended solder 
 Fibre end coating
 Customer require,  AR Coating
 Connector type
 Customer require


3. Cylindrical Lensed/Wedged Fibre
 50-55 (Std)  112 2 or customer size (50 - 90) 2

 4-5m (Std) or Customer require 1m
 0.2 - 0.4mm (Std), or customer require 0.2mm
 Customer require0.5mm
 0mm(Std), or customer require0.5mm
 Nickel plating thickness
 2 -3m (Std) 1 -10m(Customer require)

 Gold plating thickness
 Metal coating pull strength
 Operating temperature
 Soldering temperature
 280-300C   80%Au/20%Sn
 Fibre end coating
 Customer require, AR Coating
 Connector type
 Customer require

4. Angle Polished Fibre (0~10 or 30 - 50)

 8 1(Std), or customer size(0 ~ 10) 1
37/45 1(Std), or customer size(30 ~ 50) 1
 0.2 ~ 0.4mm(Std), or customer require 0.2mm
 Customer require0.5mm
 0mm(Std), or customer require0.5mm
 Nickel plating thickness
 2~3m(Std) 1~10m(customer require)
 Gold plating thickness
 0.1 ~ 0.2m
 Metal coating pull strength
 > 10N
 Operating temperature
 -40 ~ +85 C
 soldering temperature
 280 ~ 300 C
 Recommended solder 


5. Fibre Assembly for packaging

Lens-ended Fibre   Tapered Polished, Wedged Cylindrical,  Angle Polished,  Fused Tapered Lens-ended Fibre
Helium leak rate   < 1 10-8 atm cc/Sec. He
Nickel plating thickness   2~3m (Std) or 1~10m (customer require)
Gold plating thickness   0.1 ~ 0.2m
Fibre pull strength   > 10N
Metal coating pull strength   > 10N
Operating temperature  -40 - +85c
Soldering  temperature  Under 250c

Single Ni Tube Fibre Assembly    
A Customer size 0.5mm
B Customer size 0.5mm
C 5.8 0.2mm (Std)
D Customer size1mm (for 250um fibre)
E 0.85 0.02mm (Std)
F 1.3 0.05mm (Std)

Two Ni Tube Fibre Assembly        
A 0.3~0.4mm (Std) or customer size 0.1mm
B 6mm (Std)
C Customer size 0.5mm
D 7/11 0.5mm (Std)
E 5.8 0.2mm (Std)
F Customer size 1mm (for 250um fibre)
G 0.85 0.02mm (Std)
H 0.85 0.02mm (Std)
I 1.3 0.05mm (Std)

Mini Two Ni Tube Fibre Assembly for 14-pin DIL or Butterfly LD Package

A 0.3~0.4mm (Std) or customer size 0.1mm
B 4mm (Std)
C Customer size 0.5mm
D 4 0.5mm (Std)
E 5 0.2mm (Std)
F 0.85 0.02mm (Std)
G 0.85 0.02mm (Std)
H 1.3 0.05mm (Std)

6. Medical fibre, we provide OEM medical fibre

7. Metallised Fibre & Fibre Array, customised parts and gold plating

We can provide customised services for small batch size, multiple processing and gold plating, which mainly aim at Kovar housing,
parts and package in optical communication.